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well I'm still working on my district 9 parody even though it's not that funny and my voice recorder microphone dew- hickey thing makes my voice sound so childish so that'll probably take awhile for me to get right.
one of the down sides to how long it will take me to release district 9 parody is that flash seems to be getting more boring every time i use it, but I usually add bits to it every now and then when i feel like it which is usually every couple of days.
the animation seems to be going well, y-know it's nice and smooth like i wanted.
well um, happy new year everyone

what's happening with my life...

''um nic are u ok?''
''well no! i'm not ok... im just a little bit pissed because i can't upload part 2 of infection cause the file size is too big!!!!''

please reply on this and tell me how to make my .swf file smaller!!!

as you know from my last post the infection part 2 animation is done but my microphone broke and i need a new one e.t.c be out in a week...
so yeah to the real news...
i've just saw that movie called "district 9" yes it was totally awsome you should go see it, seriously.
i've start a didtrict 9 parady animation, but i've desided to not do stick figures. meaning it is my first animation i've ever done seriouly (again) but i think it's turning out quite good.
it may own up to the hilarious standerds but y-know, it has its moments.
that one will probally be out in a month or two
so cya

granite sone


2009-08-08 20:44:49 by granitestone

ok guys, i've finished all the animation and stuff, so it should be out in only one more week!
all i have to do is do some voice editing and some music and where set to go.
but the problem is that my other microphone broke so i have to get a new one, but hopfully it'd be better and not make me sound like a 9 year old

it's nearlly done

2009-07-26 01:02:37 by granitestone

ok guys it'll be out soon. sooner than I accually thought. first I said it'd be out in about a month but i've just had an animating marathon (in a matter of speech) and it'll accually be out in probally about 2 or 3 weeks now. well ive pretty much just finished ma 1 minute intro to the animation now im up to the train scene. how David, James Dean and a bunch of amiture soldiers go out on a mission to rescue a team of soldiers trapped in a train sarounded by infected. plus ive started a small madness ani which has nothing to do with anything but hey i only worked on it for about 3 hours and i finished it lol. well not much longer hope you can all wait theat bit longer.

granite stone
AKA. Nic O'Ryan

it's nearlly done

the next installment of infection shall be out in about a month or less or more maybe... i've never been real good at estamit dates. but i know it'll be out soon. so not to worry if anyone cares.

ok dudes it's out

2009-07-04 00:59:59 by granitestone

ok dudes it's out... like right now... on newgrounds.
go check it out!!!!!

it's nearlly done

2009-07-03 05:02:34 by granitestone

sup guys. for those... well few people who have acually watched my animation, or people who are watching it now and reading this then... keep reading.
the full animation of this unfinished animation is pretty much nearlly done and will probally be released soon.
all i have to do is do some voice editing and some sound effects. and there will probally be a menu in this if i can get it to fricon work.
but yeah it'll be released soon....................... if anyone accually cares...... which most peoples reading this or have just watched the animation probally wouldn't care.

probally for some silly reason..... yeah see ya dudes

heres a screen shot apparently

it's nearlly done